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The Myers Method of Weight Loss


An Acupuncture Weight Loss Program

Dr. Sophia Myers has developed a unique weight loss program that is designed to help patients drop 12-35 pounds in just 5 weeks, painlessly and without drugs or surgery. Using non-needle acupuncture, this program is completely painless. The acupuncture controls appetite and cravings while stimulating the metabolism, allowing easy weight loss and establishing a healthy lifestyle. 

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The 5 week program is designed for quick weight loss, under doctor’s supervision. Using painless, non-needle Acupuncture to stimulate certain points in the ear, your metabolism is stimulated and appetite, cravings, and withdraw symptoms are reduced. 

In addition, you receive individualized BMR balancing, nutritional instruction, exercise and supplementation.  

Treatment times are usually 15 minutes, with the exception of the initial consultation, which usually takes 30- 45 minutes. You will have an initial consultation with the doctor, to discuss if this program is right for you. At that time, you will be able to discuss your specific goals, individual exercise regiment, and pertinent health concerns, including diet modifications. We will gather certain confidential information, in order to establish your BMR. You meet with the doctor for treatment twice per week for the 5 week program. 

Your time is very important to us, we make every effort to schedule your visit the same day you call!  If you are ready to make the change for a healthier, more active lifestyle, consult with Dr Myers and see if her method is right for you!

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  1. Dr. Myers Knows Human Physiology.  Dr Myers has studied the human body, metabolism and ways to affect the human body mass.  She understands how the body's bones, muscle, fat, and tissue all work together to both lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.  She has a special interest in the difference in caloric behavior between fat and muscle, and will only consider options that she has concurred have a scientifically proven 
  2. Dr Myers Knows Weight Loss Drugs and Prescriptions. That's why she doesn't use them.
  3. Dr. Myers Knows The Human Mind. There is no degree that can teach someone how to understand the mind of someone overweight. Dr. Myers knows because she has been there. Through her own research and self-implementation, she has lost over 100 pounds with her method.  Instead of feeling embarrassed or ashamed of seeking professional help, Dr. Myers welcomes you into her world of winning against weight problems confidently and competently.
  4. Dr. Myers Values Your Health. As any healthcare give does, Dr Myers always focuses on your health and safety first.  You will never be pushed beyond your limits or be allowed to compromise your health in order to lose weight.
  5. Dr. Myers Knows Acupuncture.  But please don't think that Dr. Myers will be chasing you with a needle. Through her extensive worldwide studies, Dr. Myers has found both needle and non-needle acupuncture to be very beneficial to treat a myriad of health issues including obesity. Dr. Myers is more than willing to discuss more about any service over the phone!
  6. Dr. Myers Knows "Weight Pain"  "Weight Pain" is what your nervous system feels carrying around all that extra weight.  It sucks out your energy and makes life a negative spiral.  Been there.  Done that. 
  7. Dr Myers Knows Winning.  Dr Myers is not some commissioned model selling a milkshake or dinner plan.  She is a medical professional who who personally won the weight war with her method!